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Блогу “Без хребта, но с яйцами.” сегодня исполнилось 4 года!

Вообще-то уже больше, но когда тиснулось, тогда тиснулось.

И вообще - где в тумблере посмотреть дату регистрации?

Письмо пришло 14.11.13, но хз, что они под этим имели ввиду.


I don’t know what to title this, but I need help.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’ve gone by DNA for the past 5+ years or so. I ran the adoptables site,, with my partner Sixar.
I was informed today by my boss that the site hasn’t been making enough money over the past year to survive, and is going to be shutting down on Valentine’s Day. We didn’t have any reason to believe the site wasn’t doing fine aside from occasional downtime and server hiccups.
So, I suddenly don’t have a job anymore, and I just had to make some pretty huge changes in my life due to coeliac disease; it would’ve been rough already, but it’s extra-bad timing.

It’s… unspeakably difficult for me to ask for help like this, but if you can spare anything at all, or even just signal boost this so maybe someone else can find it, I’d be incredibly appreciative.

My paypal is
If you do donate, please feel free to include a request, a character reference, or a prompt of some kind (clean, please). Monsters are my specialty, but I can handle people and animals— anything I haven’t drawn before, I’ll sort it out for you.
I’ll do at least a sketch, but maybe bigger things up to and/or including full color illustrations or valenth-style “adoptable” posesheets or paintings. I’ve… got plenty of time on my hands, now.

I don’t know what my plans are at the moment; I’d really like to get up and running and see about getting some sort of commissions/shirts/miscellaneous art and design gig going from there, but… I don’t know.
Full disclosure, I’ve worked for Agoge my entire working life and everything is really huge and uncertain and unfamiliar and scary to me right now.
You can find me here, at Nebuleupak@tumblr (my dedicated creative-stuff blog), or on Furaffinity and Weasyl, both under the name Leupstripes.

Anyhow, thanks for your time. I… think that’s all, really.

(Источник: revecroir)